2 Jul 2008

A New Kind of Medicine

Rather than document my increasingly routine activities and assume anyone really wants to know about them, I've decided to use this blog to instead document my ever- growing disillusionment with the state of gender relations, women's rights and feminism (or lack thereof) in society, probably focusing on this country but likely to cast a wide net at some instances too. It seems a more useful and productive way of recording my thoughts, since it's a topic I think a great deal about, but have few outlets for ranting on about, save the precious occasions I get with my friends who don't live nearby. My other half always listens patiently but I sense he never really understands why I get so bothered about issues which he probably sees as either being too far removed for me to do anything about, or too ingrained in culture to change. I suspect he probably despairs of this country as inherently ignorant and backward, and sees the constant attacks on feminism as merely one of its many chronic flaws. But I'm not ready to give up, I'm ready to rant. In the hope that one day people will listen, and maybe even start thinking.

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