22 Sep 2008

You Can't Even Count On the Lefty Media Not To Be Knuckle-Draggingly Sexist

Perhaps I'd be a happier, more balanced individual if I never allowed any forms of media to penetrate my life. You only have to pick up a paper or click onto a website to be disgusted/dismayed/disappointed. Or perhaps that's just me, but nonetheless it's rapidly becoming clear that you can't trust even the areas of the press that you thought might still uphold some ghosts of integrity.

Ref: in The Guardian today, the new editor of The Independent trumpets without a trace of irony or shame 'Pictures of semi-naked women generally make the world a better place' and that the Daily Mail is 'the best paper in Britain'. The latter is far more horrifying a claim, I grant you, but that either atrocity should fall from the lips of the editor of a supposedly left-wing paper with some grasp of key social issues shows that no one is safe.

As a friend of mine remarked yesterday, the trends of boorish chauvinism and attempts to humiliate women on every level used to be the part society was meant to be embarrassed about - now it's objecting to these very phenomenon that has become seen as cringeworthy and unreasonable. I wonder what it will take for the circle to come around again. Or if there is no circle, simply a linear path on the road to utter shiteness.

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