10 Feb 2009

I'm Just So Into This

A wonderful response to the heap of bollocks that is the film 'He's Just Not Into You', as seen on the Guardian's message boards:

"I'm reminded of New York Times critic Manohla Dargis's excellent review of HJNTIY, where she asks "What would Thelma and Louise do?". As improbable and fantastist as Thelma & Louise seemed at the time, now they do seem like Amazonian warriors, compared to today's crop of movie heroines, with their ironed hair and their whining self-analysis and their simpering smiles, their scarily emaciated over-aerobicised bodies and their desperation to be "nice girls" and not rock the boat. We need more big-haired gals blowing up trucks, bedding cowboys and having a good time. Sure, Thelma and Louise drove off a cliff, but at least they were true to themselves doing it, and didn't stop to wonder whether or not some guy was into them."

Ah, blowing up trucks and bedding cowboys...now I remember what I was doing last Friday night. Glad there are some women out there who still have a pulse.

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Guignne J. Humberbucle said...

All good points. There are more of us who think like the quoted writer and yourself. Join the underground; vive la revolucion!