10 Apr 2009

Just for fun...

I thought I'd list some of my own traits, and see how they divide down traditionally gendered lines.

Things about me that might be considered ‘typically female’

  1. I like the colours pink and purple. A lot.

  2. I’m a pretty emotional person.

  3. I can cook (just about) and quite enjoy it, when I get a chance.

  4. I can sew, and enjoy it.

  5. I could not care less about sports, either playing or watching them.

  6. I dislike violent films.

  7. I dislike, and do not play, video games.

  8. I squeal when I see cute things.

  9. I enjoy clothes shopping.

  10. I like make-up.

  11. I’ve had issues with eating and weight most of my life.

  12. I talk about periods and boobs with my friends frequently.

  13. I consider myself empathic with others

  14. I’m a good communicator.

  15. I’m not interested in gadgets in the slightest.

  16. I remember people’s birthdays

  17. I consider housework important, and do more of it than my partner.

Things about me that are not 'typically female', and are perhaps considered more 'typically male'

  1. I usually prioritise comfort over fashion when assembling an outfit

  2. I look after the joint finances in my relationship, and am good at it.

  3. I hate chick-lit.

  4. I hate women’s magazines, and would rather read a newspaper or Private Eye.

  5. I can read a map (what’s supposed to be so hard about it exactly?)

  6. I know how to change a tyre, oil and spark plugs on my car. Although I don’t enjoy it.

  7. I sometimes look at porn (and not 'nice', softly lit ‘love story’ porn either), while my partner doesn’t.

  8. I tend to be more interested in, and up for sex, than my partner.

  9. I’m also the one who masturbates far more.

  10. I don’t smile unless I’m genuinely happy, and can look pretty grumpy most of the time.

  11. I dislike mindless chatter between women (e.g. about diets or soap operas) and would rather read than join in.

  12. I don’t want to have children. Nor do I find children particularly pleasant to be around.

  13. I despise the whole wedding industry, and don’t care if I get married or not.

  14. I enjoy deeply immature and crude humour (South Park, Jay and Silent Bob etc)

  15. I’d always choose sleep over time spent making myself look good in the morning.

Whether this proves that I'm a hermaphrodite, or that - like the good old Hindu crew tell us - there's masculine and feminine traits in us all, and ain't androgyny wonderful, I'll leave for you to decide.

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