2 Mar 2011


Doctors confirm what feminists have been pointing out for a long time. Namely, that abortion
a) is actually medically safer than continuing a pregnancy
b) isn't linked to psychological trauma
c) and it'd be a good idea to let women know this.

Thank god some level-headed medics have cut through the ridiculous scare-mongering (the next person who mentions 'post-abortion trauma' will be required to go through a mandatory pregnancy and report back to me which they think is more traumatic) and spoken sense. Of course, anti-choicers are already decrying the supposedly 'liberal agenda' that led to this study...I'm thinking what really led to it was a group of people deciding they'd had enough of women-hating freaks distorting the facts.

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Mira said...

Did you read the comments on the telegraph piece? DON'T. great posts recently xxx