3 Jun 2011

Excellent comment on a feminist blog today

"If every time a woman is raped someone immediately throws in her face that “well men get raped too” or every time a woman experiences domestic violence someone immediate throws in her face “well women hit men too”, absolutely nothing changes. These statements occur to shut conversations down, not rectify anything. Women simply experience both of these things at a statistical level that surpasses the male experience in almost a gross manner. This is not to devalue or diminish male victimhood. This is simply to address that YES we CAN address one part of an issue without the silencing that occurs by immediately presenting the “reverse” scenario that occurs much less often."

Words of sense courtesy of 'Trudy' at http://crunkfeministcollective.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/man-down-on-rihanna-rape-and-violence/

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