19 Apr 2014

Navigating Kink While Feminist: My Presentation from PCA/ACA 2014

I've just spent a wonderful week in Chicago at the American Popular Culture Association's 44th Annual conference. There I was lucky enough to present in a BDSM/Fetish Studies Panel, where I talked about my adventures in kink, feminism and pop culture, three topics I researched in depth when writing my 2012 'Thinking Kink' blog series for Bitch magazine.

My presentation was received very well and I had some fantastic fellow presenters. I also had the honour of seeing my paper being the first to sell out on the 'Scholar Exchange' table, and as a result I promised I would upload my presentation for those who missed out.
Here is the text of my speech:

And here are the accompanying Powerpoint slides:

Feel free to share, but please ensure the work is properly attributed, please do not remove the copyright notice, and do not alter it in any way .

Happy reading and thank you to everyone who took an interest in my work!

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